A fine of 5 bonas for the maniac haunted Emanuela


21 May 2020, Thursday, 2:20 p.m.

Author: Flagman.bgThere was no getting rid of the obsessive fan

A fine of BGN 1,000 to 5,000 threatens the pursuer of the folk savage Emanuela according to the legal provisions. The case against the man, who introduces himself as Alexi and has been harassing the singer for four years, is scheduled for May 27 in the Razlog District Court. The assertive fan has a clean criminal record and the prosecutor’s office proposes that the accused be released from criminal liability and that an administrative penalty be imposed on him.

For four years, the man in question has been persecuting Emanuela all over Bulgaria, even in London. The last time he waited in Bansko after her next participation there and again insisted that they meet in private. This was the moment when the “Painer” star immediately filed a complaint with the police. The Razlog District Prosecutor’s Office has filed charges against the 48-year-old intruder from Sofia.

In July, under the Ministry of the Interior Act, the accused was warned in writing with a protocol to end the prosecution against Emanuela and not to approach her closer than 100 meters, but he continued.

“I was even late with the complaint. It turned out that this man had been harassing me for four years, but I found out about him a year and a half ago. I obviously didn’t pay attention to his outbursts, which have recently become intolerable. I can’t stand it anymore, “said Emanuela. There was no getting rid of the obsessed fan, because even if he blocked him on social networks, he immediately created a new profile and started harassing again, Telegraf writes.

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