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COVID-19 managed to expose not only our fears, but also the best of each of us. Along the Danube, a doctor from Afghanistan works on an equal footing with her Bulgarian colleagues. She chose to come to Bulgaria because of the roses and has been working at the hospital in Lom for 15 years, Nova TV reported.

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The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) 8456

Dr. Shakilla Popal is on the front line at the Lom Hospital in the fight against COVID-19. She has been with her patients around the clock for two months now.

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At the moment, however, she is alone because her colleague has fallen ill with the disease.

“Since March 19, I have been here continuously and only once from a distance have I been able to see my family, that is, my husband and my 14-year-old child,” said Shakilla Popal-Dimitrova, an infectious disease specialist at St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Hospital. Scrap.

“They know what I’m doing and they support me. They know that it is currently a matter of moral responsibility. “Since I have chosen infectious diseases, I know that one day there may come a day like the current one,” she said.

But despite everything, she has a daughter who is looking forward to her, as well as her husband, who is an orthopedist at a Sofia hospital.

“When I explain, especially to my daughter, because she’s 14 years old, and when I tell her how much I love her, she tells me, ‘I know you love me, and you’re in trouble right now, and I love you.’ .

“He tells me that he is proud of me, and my husband told me that he also fully supports me and that he knows me best of all, and I will not do anything other than what I am now,” said Shaquilla Popal.

He also talks to his relatives in Afghanistan to reassure them that he is well.

“In fact, my father lives in Afghanistan because he is a great patriot, and I have a brother and sister who live in Afghanistan. They all support me. And they just tell me, “Be careful, be careful, be careful,” and I’m careful, “Popal said.

Everything on the topic:

The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19)

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