A CSKA footballer confirmed the BLIC bomb


BLIC with a national poll: Which team in Bulgaria are you a fan of?

Dutch midfielder Vernon Anita, who recently terminated his contract with CSKA, confirmed the BLIC bomb that it could return to the “Army”. The former Ajax and Newcastle player explained what is happening to him and the “reds” in an interview with voetbalzone.nl.

“I saw something in CSKA, it was not far from the Netherlands. I wanted to play my game again to return to the field. I played only three games with the Reds. Nothing could be done in Bulgaria during the pandemic, “Only the supermarkets were open. The club wanted us to stay in Sofia and reduce our salaries. This is understandable. But I had come to the club to play football until the summer,” Anita commented.

“So I said that I would rather be with my family in the Netherlands than live in a hotel. We reached a good agreement and they called me last week saying that the championship would resume. So, who knows, maybe I will be back in the coming weeks or months. CSKA is trying to do something, so we have to wait and see, “he added.

“But I find MLS an interesting league. At the moment, I also received calls from the United States and the UAE, “added the experienced midfielder.

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