A Bulgarian policeman was wounded in the USA


A Bulgarian policeman was wounded in the riots in the United States. For security reasons, his name is kept secret for now, Monitor Agency writes.

In connection with the criminal hordes that cowardly hide behind the name “protesters” and sow confusion and chaos in the big cities of America, the Bulgarian-American Police Association (B.A.P.A.) wants to inform you that we also we are in the middle of these events and we are doing our best to keep order.Our member who requested anonymity was injured yesterday with a glass bottle but will recover completely.Everyone is a little tired but in typical Bulgarian spirit they say they are fine. We are all working in extended shifts and our weekends have been terminated “, write the Bulgarian police in the USA.

In a post on his Facebook page by B.A.P.A. The Bulgarian police address all their acquaintances with the words – “We urge you to be careful and to support the police in general. Also us, your brothers and sisters who work in the law enforcement agencies in this difficult time. We would always do the same. for you! Please be safe and support us, your brothers and sisters in order, we will undoubtedly do the same for you! “.

At least three people were killed in Indianapolis, Indiana, during protests over the death of African-American George Floyd, Fox News reported, quoted by TACC and FOCUS News Agency.

According to him, a total of five people received gunshot wounds from 23:45 to 03:00 (from 06:45 to 10:00 Bulgarian time), three of them died. It is emphasized that law enforcement officers were not involved in the shooting incidents.

Earlier, CNN, citing Indianapolis Police Director Randall Taylor, reported that three people received gunshot wounds during the demonstrations, one of whom died. A police officer was also slightly injured.

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