A bride got married in her dying father’s hospital room and heard his last breath PHOTOS


Australian Natalie Hoskinson said that she married her lover in the hospital ward, where her terminally ill father was lying, reports “Sun”.

According to Natalie, her father David, with whom she had a very close relationship, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 60, but lived 13 years longer than doctors thought.

At the age of 73, the man’s back ached more and more and he was hospitalized, where he was diagnosed with a lung tumor. His condition began to deteriorate rapidly.At the hospital, Natalie’s father was given morphine and he fell asleep. Hoskinson’s family later heard from a nurse that the man would not wake up again.

Natalie, 37, said she asked doctors to take her organs to save her father, but they said nothing could help him anymore. Then the woman remembered that she had always dreamed of her father being at her wedding.

She received permission from the hospital, and her fiancé Tim agreed to hold the ceremony in the hospital ward. The night before the wedding, Natalie and her mother spent time in their father’s room, and the next morning the girl returned, picked up her white dress, and returned to the hospital, where she underwent wedding makeup and hair.

The deceased father of the bride

As soon as Natalie and Tim said yes to each other, David took one last breath and died. “I felt that my father’s spirit was gone. He was with me until the very end, as always, “said the Australian.

She said she is now celebrating her wedding anniversary along with the anniversary of her father’s death. But she also emphasizes that she is very happy that her father was still present at her wedding.

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