A Brazilian clinic has developed the first genetic test for the new coronavirus


The authoritative Brazilian clinic “Albert Einstein” has developed the world’s first genetic test to detect the new coronavirus, TASS reported.

The agency cites a publication on the G-1 information portal. According to him, the high-precision test was patented in the United States in the international patent system of the World Intellectual Property Organization. It will be available for diagnosis of the infection from the beginning of June.

A new generation of sequencing has been used as the basis for the development of Brazilian scientists. It analyzes small DNA fragments to determine the disease. To recognize SARS-COVID-2, the researchers adapted this method to work with RNA present in viruses of different types. The test has 100% accuracy and excludes the possibility of obtaining incorrect results.

Its effectiveness is comparable to the PCR tests currently used to detect Covid-19. This is the first genetic test that can be used for mass diagnosis, as it can test 1,536 samples – 16 times more than PCR tests. Saliva or nasopharyngeal secretions can be used as biomaterial.

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