A boy who won BGN 250,000 from the lottery sinks into misery, his aunt stole the winnings



A boy from the village of Tsarski Izvor in Strazhitsa won BGN 250,000 from the lottery, but never saw a single lev of the large sum. The saga dates back to 2016, when with his pocket money, the minor kid bought a lottery ticket, which turned out to be a winner. Miroslav bragged to his relatives, and his aunt Fana reacted quickly. She snatched the valuable book from his hands, telling him that he was a minor and had no right to participate in such games. The daring woman called on TV and a few days later the amount was transferred to a bank account.Meanwhile, the parents of the lucky boy tried to hold Fana accountable, but a fierce scandal broke out. Fana and her relatives started threatening the victim’s family and even dared to offer them money in order to refuse to contact the police, informs “Trud”.

Miroslav-Neshka’s mother reported the crime to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Veliko Tarnovo. On August 9, 2016, a case was filed against an unknown perpetrator for theft on a particularly large scale. The investigation revealed that the boy’s aunt was the perpetrator and she was accused of robbing the winning ticket, which she forcibly pulled from the boy’s hands. However, while the judiciary took action to block Fana’s account, she withdrew the money, bought property and valuables and then left for the Netherlands.

Shortly afterwards, the Veliko Tarnovo District Prosecutor’s Office issued a decree terminating the case under Article 199 of the Penal Code for robbery. The case then went to the Gorna Oryahovitsa District Prosecutor’s Office, where the case was investigated as fraud. Eventually, the state prosecution in the railway town also issued a termination order.

Both rulings were appealed by the injured party. The Gorna Oryahovitsa District Court upheld the prosecution’s ruling in the fraud investigation because the details of the case indicated that it was a robbery. The case also reached the Supreme Prosecution Office, which ruled that the Gornooryahov Prosecutor’s Office had incorrectly terminated the fraud case. The court resumed the long-suffering case, but for the second time issued a ruling terminating the fraud order. After the double reconsideration of the thesis for fraud, a robbery case was initiated again and from 2019 a decision is expected from the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Veliko Tarnovo.

In the past 4 years, however, the father of the lucky little boy fell ill and died. There is no mention of the money and the aunt who made the big profit, and Miroslav and his mother live in Tsarski Izvor, immersed in misery and poverty.

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