A big secret was revealed to Megan Markle during the pandemic


During the pandemic, Megan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, worked secretly for the British animal charity Mayhew, world media reported.

The Dukes of Sussex Harry and Megan retired as high-ranking members of the British royal family in March to live as a financially independent family and moved to Los Angeles.Megan is a patron of the London-based organization and has been in constant contact with its representatives during the pandemic, said Sarah Haslow, who heads the foundation’s public relations department. The main goal of Mayhew is to improve the lives of dogs and cats of people from vulnerable social groups.

Speaking to Newsweek, Haslow declined to give further details about the Duchess of Sussex’s commitments to the foundation, but said Megan had supported the organization since 2018 and that caring for animals was a passion for her.

Megan also chose to support Mayhew because the organization is a little different and works in support of animal owners who are from vulnerable groups.

“Sometimes pets are the only company for these people. Taking your pet away when you’re deprived of everything else can be the last straw for such people, it can be devastating for them,” Haslow explains.

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