A 4-year-old child with coronavirus was admitted for treatment in the Infectious Diseases Department of MHAT – Sliven


Sofia. 92,060 are the new cases of coronavirus in the world for the last 24 hours. This was announced in the Council of Ministers by Assoc. Prof. Dimo ​​Dimov on the occasion of the current situation with the coronavirus infection in Bulgaria and the world, a reporter told FOCUS News Agency. Dimov pointed out that the trend for new cases between 90 and 100 thousand in 24 hours in the world continues.

“As of yesterday, they are 92,060. The United States has about 19,000 new cases, Brazil – just over 15,500, Russia – 8,900, Britain – 2,004 new cases. All other countries have less than 1,000 new cases. “Belarus has 915 new ones, Spain – 859, Sweden – 597, Germany – 499, Denmark – 41 new ones,” he added.

“In the Balkans, Turkey has 950 new and 28 deaths, Romania 146 and 11 deaths, Serbia 34, Albania 25, Northern Macedonia 15, Greece 10, Bosnia and Herzegovina 10.
In the Balkans, except for Turkey and Romania, all other countries have less than 5 deaths per day, “Dimov added.

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