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Hyderabad: Nine people were found dead in a well, including six from a family. The incident occurred in Warangal district of Telangana. The bodies of the guest worker, Maqsood Alam, his wife Nisha, sons Sohail, Shabad, daughter Bushra, their daughter’s three-year-old son, Shakeel Ahmed of Tripura and Shriram and Shyam of Bihar were found.

The bodies of four persons were found late on Thursday and five on Friday morning. The bodies were found floating in the water. Initial examination showed no injuries to the bodies. They were shifted to Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Warangal for post-mortem.

Maqsood and his family emigrated from Bengal to Warangal 20 years ago. They are laborers in the woolen mill. The family of six lived in a rented house in Karimabad. After the divorce, Maqsood’s daughter took her three-year-old son and moved in with her father.

They were located on the ground floor of the woolen mill where they had worked since the lockdown was announced. The deceased was a resident of Bihar. Shakeel, a resident of Tripura, was the driver of the mill. The owner of the mill was S. When Bhaskar went there Thursday afternoon, the family and three others were missing. Upon further examination, the bodies were recovered.

Three other suspects were initially believed to be behind the disappearance of the family at the initial stage, but their bodies were later recovered, police said. ACP Shyam Sundar, along with his family, said that the bodies of three others were found mysterious. The family had found food in the living room, including food items. A case has been registered for the death of the suspect and an investigation is underway.

English Summary: Telangana: Nine migrants, including a family of six, found dead in Warangal

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