8380 sick, 5000 deaths in one day Covid expansion as a concern even in unlocking | Coronavirus-8 | 380 new COVID19 cases in the last 24 hours in India


New Delhi: The number of Covid casualties in India is rising sharply. 8380 new cases were diagnosed in one day. This is the first time such a large number of people are diagnosed in India within 24 hours.

The death toll has reached 5,000. Only 193 people died yesterday. The total number of casualties was 5164. The total number of infected persons in the country was 182143.

Kovid is spreading rapidly at a time when the fourth phase of the country’s lockdown has come to an end and the country is beginning to move out of the lockdown.

The number of new patients has increased by more than seven thousand over the past two days. This is the first time we have crossed the eight thousand mark.

Out of the total number of infected persons in the country, 86984 have already been cured. There are 89995 people currently undergoing treatment.

Maharashtra has the highest number of cases with 65,168 cases. 2197 people have died so far. Death toll rises to 1,000 in Gujarat In Gujarat, 16343 people have been diagnosed with the virus and 1007 have died.

In Tamil Nadu, 21,184 people have contracted the disease so far. 160 deaths were reported.

Content Highlights: Coronavirus-8,380 new COVID19 cases in the last 24 hours in India, 193 deaths

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