82 bonas gave the Cobra for the love nest



The Cobra counts 82,116 leva for its new love nest. In it Pulev is a co-owner with his latest burn Rosalie Petrova. For the money paid, Cobra and his boyfriend got a floor of a house, a building set aside for a shop, as well as half a yard, whose area is over 160 square meters. The property of the Cobra and his mistress is located in the center of Sofia and has a rather neglected appearance, an inspection of Bulgaria Today in the Property Register showed.A team of the newspaper visited the place where the boxer hugged the 30-year-old girl.

The house is on two floors. On the top is the love nest of Pulev and Rosalie. The building is quite old. It was built in the 50s of the last century. The outer walls are insulated. The curtains on the windows are drawn so that you can’t see what’s going on in the rooms. A satellite dish is placed on the terrace.

Cobra and Rosalie Petrova are obviously quite discreet when meeting in the cottage, if they go there at all. None of the other residents spotted them. On the lower floor of the house live relatives of the sellers of the property – Borislav and Pavlinka Nechevi. For many years the property has been inhabited by a large family. The Nechevi family has lived in the building for over 40 years.

After a few rings on all the bells, an elderly woman appears in the yard. The lady introduces herself as Yordanka Necheva. We ask her if she knows who owns the floor above hers. And has she seen anyone come to the property.

“No one lives here except me and my husband. Many years ago Ivan Nechev (father of the sellers Borislav and Pavlina) sold the property. Since then no one has inhabited it. At least I have not seen anyone come. I have nothing to do with Borislav and Pavlina. We haven’t talked for years. After their father sold the property, I haven’t seen them, “the elderly woman told the newspaper.

For several months now, Pulev and his burn Rosalie have been trying to sell the property. The mistress of the contender for the world boxing title is a successful real estate broker.

Pulev and Petrova bought the plot in December. In February, Rosalie’s company launched an announcement to replace the property, Bulgaria Today saw. For the floor, the yard and the shop, they are looking for another property, no matter what it is intended for. In the announcement Rosalie writes that an additional payment is possible on their part.

According to rumors, the Cobra and the beauty have been in a relationship for more than 4 years. They meet by chance. The first step is taken by the top boxer. He quickly managed to impress the 30-year-old businesswoman.

Rosalie is from Sofia. He graduated from the First Private English High School in the capital. He received his higher education at Sofia University. Almost after graduation, Petrova became the owner of a real estate company. Rosalie is a fan of boxing. It is clear from the Facebook page of the Cobra’s mistress that she is a fan of Pulev’s future opponent – Anthony Joshua.

And while the boxer’s ex-partner Andrea accuses him of all sorts of sins, Rosalie posted an inspired message on her Facebook wall about the man next to her.

“You know, there are some men who all say they don’t exist. Nobody knows them, but somehow everyone has heard of them. Some men whose bones seem to have carved honor and dignity. There is no meanness in them. No dishonor, no hypocrisy or cunning, he’s with you, not a step forward, not a step back, right next to you, shoulder to shoulder, makes you bolder, bolder, more alive, you know, and to fall, there is someone to catch you. It fills your heart with courage. Frozen, it will wrap you first with the blanket “, Cobra Petrova explains in love.

Rosalie is one of the women Andrea learns about her Cobra breaking up. At the end of last week, the singer publicly accused the boxer of systematic infidelity. The blonde tries in every way to learn the names of the women who had an affair with the Cobra while he was with her. So far, the singer has publicly revealed that she knows about the Cobra’s relationship only with Rosalie. But she is adamant that there are others.

Ever since she broke up with the Cobras, Andrea has not stopped flooding the web with provocative photos and videos. In front of the whole world, the singer undresses and ignites men’s fantasies. It makes an impression that the singer has already started a fight with the weights.

“I lost 10 kilograms in two weeks. I did it with a healthy diet and proper training,” says Andrea, who spends all day with her best friend Monica Valerieva.

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