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FairCode Technologies board member Naveen George says that the Kochi i BawQ app will be available for playstore approval within a maximum of seven days. Permission may be granted before that. Naveen George Manorama, responding to queries about App Delay:

The main allegation is that the app is not ready. Is the app really ready?

Last Monday (May 18th) the app was ready to be connected to the server and completed five rounds of testing. It was uploaded to the Google Playstore at four o’clock on Saturday morning (May 23). You need five rounds of testing. One round isn’t enough. It’s not easy for the talented. Five teams did the security check of the app, which was assigned by a team assigned by IT Mission. It was uploaded to the PlayStation only after they had done a security check

How long did it take for the app to be ready? Many people are raising questions about whether this is a simple one.

The deal with Bevco was finalized on Friday, May 15. The contract was signed that evening. The application was then ready for work on Saturday 16 May. Then the server work is set as well. Even before the testing was completed, the IT Mission had requested Google for the exception to delay getting Google’s appraisal. The government has informed Google that it is a government app. The IT mission has done just that. Instead of the usual five to seven days, Google has been asked to do it a little more quickly.

What’s the process to reach out to App users?

Apple can still say that Google’s approval may take from one day to seven days. Once you get Google’s clearance, you get permission to publish. However, Bawko does not publish it. The Google PlayStore will also perform user-level technical tests, including outlets. Technically creating a situation where tens of thousands of people visit the app simultaneously. It’s just going to do. Publish only after that. The comments on Facebook and on Thursday are not needed.

Why the App? There are some who say, ‘Do you have a website?’

The main reason for not deciding on the website is the problem of managing the load. This may not be the load that Sabarimala app handles. We are looking at a model where we can store data locally. That is why I made the app. The app is now simple and can be expanded later.

What about the accusations that the company is raising its election?

We first approached the government to do a free app. But whatever they do, there are those who find fault. Sensationalization is fine, in a way, but not good. Therefore, the tender was invited saying that Bawko could be made a proprietor. Thirty companies emerged. Five of them were selected. The architecture is very similar to all the applications that were submitted to the bouquet. A list of five companies was evaluated by evaluating each architecture. Faircode Technologies was chosen because of its high score and a high score. That is normal level of processing. The score of the first round and the score of the next round were chosen as the company that got the highest score. The politicians do their job. Those in the opposition will comment. We’re not politicians to answer that. We’re not doing it right. Our job is to release it in the best possible way. Then you can talk. No matter what you say, it only goes to talk.

How many people are said to enter the app at the same time?

It is a technical thing. Conway cannot do that. Consider the usual rush. Think about the congestion that might open up. Usually the time is nine o’clock. Now is the time. It may not be that early. But the number of outlets is increasing. Expect the same traffic around. It is expected that the same bills will be raised in the past seven lakh bills.

Does Apple look at the number of rewards bottles? Or is it the same as a fixed amount plus maintenance?

Nowhere in the contract does it say that buying the money by the number of bottles. Fifty bucks per bottle is fake news. So the final round companies know if there is a deal. It is difficult for us to disclose. It is impossible to disclose how the deal was made. In all likelihood, Bovco will cover the entire cost. Bars and parlors are another group. They have no idea why they should give the Bawko app for free. Bovco has to decide whether to buy any money or not. The bars don’t even pay a penny for this app. Our client is Bavco. We are just app suppliers. Things are decided by the client. We have a contract with Bavco. But nothing can be disclosed as to the amount.

Who is behind the company? What’s up

FairCode Technologies has been an experienced company operating since 2010. Registered in 2019 as a private limited company. Before that it was the Partnership Firm. The firm has four directors. There are only three of them active. I am from Kottayam. The other two are Regith and MGK Vishnu. All three of us live in Ernakulam. The company also has another director, Arun. We are a company with more experience and we are more experienced with the company than the directors. Many skilled professionals are involved in app building. It’s hard to blame the company despite being the best team. Work so hard.

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