6654 new patients in 24 hours in the country Record rate | 6654 COVID19 cases of Coronavirus-Highest ever spike


New Delhi: Coronavirus outbreaks have increased again in the country. A total of 6654 people were newly diagnosed in 24 hours. For the first time in a day, so many people get sick in the country. 137 deaths were reported within 24 hours.

The number of sick people in the country so far has reached 1,25,101. Of these, 51784 have been cured so far. 3720 people died.

Maharashtra tops the list in terms of casualty rates and mortality. Maharashtra has reported a total of 44582 cases. 1517 people died.

Tamil Nadu has the second highest number of patients, followed by Gujarat. In Tamil Nadu, where 14753 people were diagnosed with the disease, 98 died. Gujarat has reported 802 deaths out of a total of 13268 cases.

The total number of patients in Delhi is 12319. 208 deaths. So far 732 people have been diagnosed with the disease in the state. Of these, 512 were cured. A total of 216 patients are currently receiving treatment. In the state alone, 42 people were diagnosed with the disease on Friday alone. This is the first time many people are diagnosed with the disease in a single day.

Content Highlights: 6654 COVID19 cases of Coronavirus-Highest ever spike, & 137 deaths in India last 24 hours

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