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COVERED 53 Lakhs in Washington ∙ World As of this morning, 53,03,393 people had contracted the disease. 21,58,510 people were infected. 3,39,992 people lost their lives. The US is leading in the number of patients and deaths. Here, 16.45 lakh people have been diagnosed with the disease; 97,647 people died.

Brazil ranks second with 3.32 lakh people; 21,116 deaths. The number of patients in different countries is 3.26 lakh in Russia, 2.81 lakh in Spain, 2.54 lakh in the UK, 2.28 lakh in Italy, 1.82 lakh in France, 1.79 lakh in Germany, 1.54 lakh in Turkey, 1.31 lakh in Iran and 1.24 lakh in India.

English Summary: Covid death toll rises in India and the world

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