50Plus chairman Dales quits immediately Inland


Dales announced his departure last month, after a fierce argument at the party top. That he wanted to stay on for months to arrange the transfer of power and handle current affairs was a source of annoyance to his opponents.

Dales spoke to two of those main opponents, the leaders of 50Plus in the Senate and the House of Representatives, on Saturday. According to him, what still had to be said with Martin van Rooijen and Corrie van Brenk. “It was a good conversation that opened the way for normalized contacts in the future.”

Dales’ two co-administrators, who seem to be staying until August, have also spoken to the departmental heads who had taken the lead in the rebellion against the party administration. “This completes the prelude to the members’ meeting on August 1,” which will take place digitally, says Dales.

On that day, the members elect a completely new central board. Among the eight people who make a bid for the party chairmanship are party founder, former chairman and honorary chairman Jan Nagel.

“The annoying outcome does not affect the fact that I look back with great satisfaction on two years of 50Plus presidency,” Dales writes to the members of his party. “I have now been outsourced to 50Plus.”

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