50,000 sick patients in Maharashtra coronavirus toll india


Mumbai / New Delhi: Covid casualties soar in Maharashtra There were 3041 cases reported on Sunday alone. With this the number of patients has crossed 50 thousand. 58 people died on Sunday alone. So far, 50,231 people have been diagnosed with the disease. 33,996 were treated. 14,600 people became ill. Died 1635.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said the lockdown would have to be extended after May 31 as the disease could not be controlled. More than six thousand cases of Covidi were reported for the fifth consecutive day in the country. On Sunday, 6575 people were diagnosed with the disease. The total death toll in the country is 4014. 57,429 people became ill. A total of 1,38,041 people were diagnosed with the disease.

16,275 cases in Tamil Nadu. 7,841 were treated. 8,324 were released. 112 death. 14,063 people infected in Gujarat 6,793 were treated. 6412 persons have been released. Death toll rises to 13,418 in Delhi 6,617 were treated. 6,540 people were released. 261 people died. 6,894 people sick in Rajasthan 2917 people treated. 3816 persons have been released. 161 death.

English summary: Maharashtra may extend lockdown

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