5 “effective” tricks to overcome excess salt in food


Some believe that in the event of excessive application of salt to food, there is no going back, but this belief is wrong.

In fact, many overly salty foods can be saved, and here are 5 tricks to get around this problem from nutrition experts, according to magazine American Food & Wine.


“If you put excess salt into a steak or chicken, you can pull it back from the heat and give it a water bath to clean the salt,” says Raymond Southern, chef at The Mansion Restaurant on the US island of Orkas. Wash the meat with hot water, then quickly grill it. ”

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But if the rescue mission fails by rinsing with water, you can still save the meat by cutting it and placing it in a strong salad, as suggested by Jim Booth, chef at ArtBar restaurant in Massachusetts.

Booth adds dandelion or cabbage can help your salad save meat, while adding soft cheese such as mozzarella to the mix will balance the salad, he added.


If you find that you have put too much salt into any type of vegetable, whether you fried it with butter or oil, it can be saved by pureing it.

“Vegetables can be revitalized with a mash, you can cook them in pasta or something else,” says Mike Friedman, chef at The Red Hen restaurant in Washington, DC.

The soup

There is no such thing as destroying soup in salt, but there is an easy solution to get rid of this problem; Chop the potatoes into cubes, then put them in the pot, and as Jim Booth explains, suck the potatoes, some salt in the broth.

“You only need to remove the potatoes once they are cooked, and if you are going to add some vegetables to your dinner already, eat some cooked beans, and mash them in the soup,” says Booth.

the pasta

It is known that salt must be added to pasta cooking water, but a lot of salty liquid can destroy the dish – even after drying the pasta.

Therefore, if you fear that you have put too much salt into pasta water, drain the water, then rinse it under cold water, which will stop cooking and remove excess salt, says Lorenzo Boni, the chef of the Italian food company Parilla.

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Bonnie recommends that if pasta is added to the sauce, it can be softened by adding some fresh or canned tomatoes, tomato paste, fresh basil, pepper, or mushrooms, depending on what complements the pasta platter.


Once you have salted the fish, be it fish fillet, salmon, or other fish, it must be cooked immediately, and if not, “the fish will lose a lot of its moisture, making it dry and not good, which means, according to Jim Booth, that if you put too much salt into Fish you have to fix it as soon as possible.

Booth says cooking fish like salmon, in a delicious broth is a very simple way to save it from excess salt, but if you have already cooked fish, grilled or fried it in another way, you will have to reuse it with other ingredients that help absorb or reduce its salinity.

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