5 drinks protect you from the summer heat


The body needs fluids, especially during the summer, which has high humidity, which causes dehydration for many.

A report published by the “Food” website advised not to neglect the consumption of liquids and determine natural juices, with the entry of the summer and the increase in intense humidity.

Food is important for jogging

The report emphasized drinking water and eating more natural juices and drinks that protect the body from the summer heat, pointing to the most prominent beverages that work to moisturize the body in the summer.

– the milk

Rich in high-quality carbohydrates, proteins and sodium, which helps the body retain fluids.

Coconut Water

Moisturizes the body better than regular water, and contains low calories, in addition to containing a large proportion of potassium.

Cucumber juice

The water content is 90%, so it is one of the most moisturizing vegetables. Vegetable juices are better for moisturizing than fruit juices because the natural sugars in the fruit may prevent moisture.

Herbal Tea

Moisturizing drinks are natural and caffeine free, such as hibiscus tea, rose tea or chamomile tea.

– Lemonade

Among the best types of drinks that moisturize the body and get rid of dehydration, and lemon contains a high percentage of vitamins and natural juices that enhance the health of the immune system.

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