4 scandalous secrets that Elizabeth II hides from around the world


Queen Elizabeth II is perhaps the most secretive ruler in the world. There are always a lot of mysteries around her.

To this day, the British monarch does not talk about a bunch of details of her personal life. And maybe that’s why everyone is looking at the British royal family, which is often torn apart by a bunch of scandals.

Harry and Megan Markle’s departure from the royal family is nothing compared to four other secret details that have marked the queen’s personal life over the years.

Undoubtedly the biggest scandal to this day is the crash that killed Princess Diana, Prince Charles’ first wife. Many blame Queen Elizabeth II for what happened.

But the life of the British monarch is marked by other scandals – those surrounding the infidelity of her husband Prince Philip.

The queen still hides a bunch of secrets, but now four of the biggest mysteries associated with her have fallen.

Husband – traitor
From the outside, Elizabeth II’s life seems perfect, but in fact nothing is that simple. In the 1980s, Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, had the imprudence to admit in his biography that he had married her not out of love but out of financial interests: “I am tired of poverty. It was never significant. I want to have money and success.

It is worth noting that in his youth Philip was quite beautiful and was definitely quite popular among women, so the queen’s interest in him was probably sincere.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 1947

Unfortunately, he does not fully live up to her expectations. He is rumored to have cheated on her many times, threatening to destroy not only the royal union but also to discredit the foundations of the monarchy. Whether to this day, before, their marriage was happy or just a fictional beautiful deception, no one can say.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 2007

The betrayal of the younger sister
Years ago, Elizabeth’s younger sister, Princess Margaret, fell in love with Peter Townsend, a famous pilot and war hero. Unfortunately, the man was divorced and did not have a noble title. This prevented the lovers from getting married, and Margaret turned to Elizabeth for help. It is not yet clear for what reason, but the queen not only cut off her sister’s wishes, but also did not support her in this difficult time for her.

As a result, experiencing personal drama, Margaret stumbled upon alcohol and drugs. Even then, the queen did not help her, and as a result sent her away from prying eyes, and then forcibly married her to an ordinary photographer, giving him the title.

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret in 1946

Unfortunately, this only worsened the relationship between the two sisters and Margaret decided to take revenge on her sister. She is rumored to have had an affair with Prince Philip in order to hurt Elizabeth, and then disappeared from the queen’s life forever.

The scandal with Princess Diana
Prince Charles’ ex-wife died in a car accident in 1997, and her fans still can’t forgive the royal family. It’s no secret that Diana and Charles’ marriage was doomed from the start: the couple did not match in temperament, level of education and outlook on life. Elizabeth’s son loved and had an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles all his life, and Diana, who could not swallow her husband’s infidelity, began to find solace in the arms of other men, which cast a shadow over the reputation of the royal family.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1981

Despite the fact that the British government conducted two independent investigations into the Paris crash that killed Lady Dee, many still blame the royal family for the tragedy – they say it was Elizabeth II and Prince Philip who ordered her death, which was to be staged. as an accident.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II in 1981

At the heart of these rumors is that Diana could reveal the secret affairs of the British royal family and bring out their dirty shirts to the public. In addition, Diana would marry a Muslim, which further angered the monarchy. However, Elizabeth obviously did not feel warm emotions towards her daughter-in-law, which only caused her problems.

Her rebel, Uncle Edward
Edward VIII’s abdication from the throne because of his beloved divorced American Wallis Simpson is still called one of the most beautiful gestures in the name of love. In the name of his marriage to Wallis, Edward ceded his right to the throne to George VI, the father of Elizabeth II.

Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII in 1937

Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII in 1942

Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII in 1947

Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII in 1950

Interestingly, from the very beginning of the relationship between Edward and Wallis, the FBI actively opposed their marriage. Officials say Simpson had contact with Joachim von Ribbentrop, the German ambassador to Britain, and passed on to Nazi Germany secret information he had heard from Edward VIII.

Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII in 1934

For several years after the marriage, the couple often traveled to Europe, visiting Nazi Germany. There they met with Adolf Hitler. Later, the FBI released information that the Nazis used the rebel duke and the Duchess of Windsor to obtain secret information about the allies, writes jenata.blitz.bg.

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