4 large districts in Sofia remain without hot water for 2 months


Due to reconstructions, it is necessary to completely stop the heat supply in “Studentski grad”, “Vitosha”, “Malinova dolina” and “Darvenitsa” for the period from 15.06.2020 to 15.08.2020, announced from Toplofikacia Sofia.

Without supply of hot water in “Darvenitsa” district will be “USBAL on Oncology” EAD and all business subscribers.

All dormitories from bl. № 1 to bl. № 61, all university buildings, as well as all commercial and residential buildings in the neighborhood.

In the Vitosha district there will be a sports complex, a tennis base, dormitories, a museum, as well as many of the streets without hot water.

Several blocks will be without hot water in the Malinova Dolina district, as well as the residences of Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iran, Indonesia, China, Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Venezuela, Belgium, Spain and Argentina.

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