4 days before its launch … all PlayStation 5 details and secrets


The Japanese company, “Sony” is preparing to finally release the latest version of its popular platform “PlayStation 5” after almost 4 days, specifically on June 4.

It is scheduled to hold a “Sony” virtual world event via the Internet, to display all the features of the most popular gaming platform in the world “PlayStation 5”.

The PlayStation 5 platform is seen as providing a “different view of the future of games” in the world.

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Game revolution … all the details and leaks for the upcoming PlayStation 5 platform

The Times News Now report provides all the details and secrets of the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Jim Ryan, head of Sony’s “interactive entertainment” division, said: “The upcoming PS5 gaming platform represents the world’s best gaming technologies.”

“Everyone at the world press conference will see how we worked hard to make the field of game development a solid technology and a unique experience unprecedented in the world,” he added.

As for the details of the global event, he said that it will last for a little more than an hour, and will display all the details of the PS5.

The launch of “PlayStation 5” has been subject to a lot of postponements and delays, due to the current situation from the outbreak of the new Corona pandemic and the existence of social divergence standards and the precautionary measures in force in most countries of the world.

Expected price

And many sources expected that Sony will launch its new PlayStation 5 platform at a price ranging from 400 to 450 USD.

But the sources indicated that the price may rise slightly depending on the storage capacity that the user wants.

This price is very competitive and also cheaper than the last version of the “PlayStation 4”.

Specifications and secrets

Sony assured all those who own the PlayStation 4 platform that all of their games will be compatible with PlayStation 5, and you will not need to purchase new games except those that you did not have on the previous platform.

Sony also provided a new joystick of its kind, which will enhance the user’s gaming experience, in terms of bold vibrations and adaptive stimuli to the built-in microphone.

The PlayStation 5 platform will also be compatible with virtual reality technologies, and Sony is expected to develop brand new headphones to be launched in conjunction with the launch of the gaming platform.

The PlayStation 5 platform is expected to use an octa-core 3.5GHz AMD processor, which supports 8K resolution, with upcoming ray tracing technology, to revolutionize the picture and improve sound.

The platform will also be supported by a 2.23 GHz graphics processor, 16 GB RAM, 825 GB internal storage, and 448 GB memory bandwidth.

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