36% of the Dutch want to avoid public transport after the corona crisis


More than a third of Dutch people (36 percent) want to travel more often by private transport after the corona crisis than by public transport. The bicycle or e-bike is most often mentioned as an alternative (27 percent), followed by the car (17 percent). The ANWB reports this on the basis of its own investigation.

Cycling more often

Those who want to make less use of public transport find it too busy in the train, bus, metro and tram. “With the bicycle you are outdoors and you do not sit in a room with many people. There is less chance of getting sick, “said one of the respondents.

The ANWB thinks it is a good idea if people cycle or walk more often. As a replacement for the car, small electric vehicles must be imported and approved more quickly, so that “the consumer has more choice”. Public space, such as the bicycle path, should also be better equipped, for example, the speed pedelec (a fast electric bicycle) and the e-step, according to the ANWB.

Research NS

NS also expects the use of public transport to decrease. Based on an initial survey, the railway company concludes that one in three travelers indicates that they will work at home more after the corona crisis. Two in five travelers think they travel less often during rush hour.

Up to and including 2025, NS believes it will need to return to the level before the corona crisis.

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