25 are infected with coronavirus at the auto parts factory in Pazardzhik


Two of them have mild symptoms

Of the 36 new cases of conoravirus from the past 24 hours, three are workers from the auto parts plant in Pazardzhik, the regional health inspectorate announced. Thus, the total number of infected in this plant becomes 25.

New coronavirus infections are between 24 and 29 years old. Two of them have mild symptoms and will be treated at home. These are the latest results from a total of 510 samples that were sent to the reference laboratories. All infected workers are under a 28-day quarantine.

A total of 90 employees are under 14-day quarantine, who have negative results and have been in direct contact with their sick colleagues, BNR reported. On Tuesday, production will be resumed, with workers who have been on leave so far on the assembly lines. They will also be tested.

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