20 types of commercial firms can work in curfew in Saudi | saudi curfew; 20 types of shops – gulf news


JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (AP) – Commerce Ministry spokesman Ab Durah Man Al-Hussein said in a press conference that 20 different commercial enterprises could operate during the full curfew that lasts from Friday to Wednesday.

These include factories, laboratories, hypermarkets, refrigerants, petrol stations, gas stations and car workshops at pumps. In addition, it can also operate shops, godowns, pharmacies, private hospitals and clinics that sell vegetables, fruit, meat and edibles. The shop can also serve gas shops, home maintenance, plumbing, elec- trical work and air conditioning repairing.

Service on the rest of the tariffs will be limited to parcels and delivery orders. According to the order, the establishment that feeds on various celebratory parties, such as weddings, is not allowed to operate. No moving restaurants allowed.

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