16 injured in Kannur virus attack Two are health workers


Kannur: Around 16 people have been confirmed with Kovid in the state. Six were from abroad and six were from other states. Four people got infected through contact. Two of them are health workers.

64-year-old from Panoor, 65-year-old from Pulari, 55-year-old from Thalassery, 61-year-old from Pinarayi; The six nationals are 62-year-old nationals.

The 48-year-old girl from Peralassery who arrived in Bengaluru on May 6, the nine-year-old girl from Mekkunnu, who arrived from Mumbai on May 9, the nine-year-old girl from Panniyannur, aged 57, and the 57-year-old from Panayannur

The victims were 29-year-olds from Cheruvancheri, 65-year-olds from Dharmadam, 50-year-olds from Uruvachal and 55-year-olds from Koodali. With this the number of Covid casualties in the district rose to 166. Of these, 119 were hospitalized.

The district currently has 10336 people under surveillance. Government of Kannur Of these, 53 were in medical college, 37 at Ankarakandi Kovid treatment center, 21 in Thalassery general hospital, 19 in Kannur district hospital and 10206 in homes. So far, 5445 samples were sent from the district and 5287 results were obtained. The result of the number 5010 is negative. There are 158 results to be obtained.

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