136 Expatriates Arrested | 136 Oman in Gathering for Expats


Royal Oman Police say 136 expatriates have been arrested for violating Supreme Court directives. Oman strictly adhered to the observance of feast days and celebrations. In violation of this, 40 persons gathered for the festive prayer in the gala industry. Al-Quds also arrested 13 persons who had joined in the celebration of the Eid. They were attached to the roof of the building. 49 were arrested from the Dakhilia governorship. They had a Sunday lunch together at the Kamer Sial Complex. Al-Ansab, in his letter to the police, has also been arrested. In addition, measures have been taken in various places against those who do not wear masks. Kovid confirmed 563 people in the country on Sunday. It is the highest reported disease in a day. With this the total number of Covid casualties in the country rose to 7770.

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