“13 tanks” … Hamidati for the first time reveals the “genocide plan” on the day of “isolating al-Bashir”


The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council of Sudan and Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Daglo “Hamidati”, revealed on Sunday, a plan that the Rapid Support Forces responded to, in order to exterminate the protesters in front of the General Command on April 11th.

                    AP Photo / Nasser Nasser

Sudan: A high-ranking military announcement on the stage the country is going through

Hamidati said, in an interview with “Sudanese 24” channel, that “on the eleventh of April, 2019, 13 tanks of armored vehicles in Khartoum moved with all their assets belonging to form from outside the military system to exterminate the protesters in front of the General Command of the Army.”

He added: “We were stopped by quick supporters, the heels of Dell, and if we had stopped them, the protesters would be reduced to ashes.”

Daglou revealed “a plan for” demonization “of rapid support from individuals within the military system 3 days after the military council received the ruling at that time.” He said: “Later we will mention these details by name.”

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