10,000 medics in Iran have contracted the new coronavirus


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About 10,000 health workers in Iran have contracted the coronavirus, BGNES reported.

According to Health Minister Kasem Jan Babayi, the risks of infection among medical staff are high, but he continues to fight the disease.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that mosques in many parts of the country would reopen on Monday (May 4th) after they were …

Babai did not announce the exact number of dead medics, nor did he specify for how long they became infected and how many of them recovered.
Authorities in Iran have been keeping statistics on the disease since February 19. As of May 20, the confirmed cases of COVID-19 were 126,949, of which 98,808 recovered and 7,183 died. 2735 people are in hospital, with 37 more per day, ie. 13% of the active cases are in a medical institution, and the active cases are more than 5 times less than the completed ones. There were 2,346 detected infected on May 20, an increase of 235 people. The deaths for May 20 are 64, 2 more per day. There is a new peak in Iran and the question is whether it is enough to reach a plateau!
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