10 killed in Kuwait, 900 more in Kuwait


Kuwait City: Kuwait death toll rises to 10 Corona confirmed another 900 in the country. More than 900 people, including 264 Indians, have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease, and 20, 464 people across the country have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease. Of these, 6,558 are Indians. 148 Indians have died of the virus

A total of 232 people who were diagnosed with quarantine were discharged today. With this, the total number of cases free of disease has risen to 5,747. Of these, 192 were in intensive care and 14, 569 were in treatment.

Farwaniya reported the highest number of coronal infections to date. Here, 319 people were diagnosed with the virus. Mostly Indians.

After the corona was discovered by 35 employees of the Mishrif Co-operative Society, the society decided to close down.

As the corona spreads, apartment buildings are being prepared for nursing staff at the Ministry of Health who are defending Corona. There are 115 apartments in Jabir Ahmed residential area with all facilities. The Red Crescent Chairman, Dr Cheryl, said: Hilal Al Sayer commented.

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