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On May 22 we honor the memory of a little known but important saint associated with Bulgaria. His relics are incorruptible and miraculous. His name is Saint Prince John-Vladimir. In Albania he is called Jovan-Vladimir.

Holy Prince John-Vladimir lived in the time of the Bulgarian ruler Samuel and was governor of the two districts of Dalmatia and Zeta.

In the old historical sources it is written that the prince was virtuous and pious. He did not like wars. Therefore, entering the battle with Tsar Samuil, his army was defeated, and St. Prince John-Vladimir captured.

King Samuel did not want to kill him and married his daughter Theodora-Kosara.

The newlywed family was sent back to the prince’s native lands.
Over the years, King Samuel’s armies were defeated and his warriors were unfortunately blinded.

Seeing the miserable soldiers, King Samuel suffered a heart attack and died on October 6, 1014.

His son Gabriel-Radomir ascended the throne.

Gavriil-Radomir could not rule. Shortly after his coronation, he was killed in a conspiracy between his cousin Ivan-Vladislav and the Byzantines.

Ivan-Vladislav took the vacant throne. The next tactical move he took was a plan to destroy St. Prince John Vladimir.

Saint Prince John-Vladimir was invited to the palace of Ivan-Vladislav for peace talks.

The trusting John-Vladimir did not doubt, because the invitation was sent by a high priest.

Instead of welcoming St. Prince John-Vladimir with due honors, assassins waited for him to destroy him.

The executioner swung his sword to cut off the prince’s head, but failed to cut it.

Without the slightest fear, St. Prince John-Vladimir gave his sword to the murderer and invited him to commit the ordered atrocity.

As recorded in the life of the prince, an unseen miracle occurred before the eyes of the assassins.

After being struck with a sword, the slain prince got up and fled. He entered a nearby temple and fell to the floor. He died.

His wife Theodora-Kosara took the remains to the prince’s kingdom. She buried him with due honors in a church, where she settled and remained there until the end of her earthly days, which she spent in fasting and prayers for salvation the soul of her murdered husband.

2 years have passed. In unknown ways, the vile Ivan-Vladislav died in inhuman torment.

Bulgaria fell under the slavery of the Byzantines and this slavery lasted for 168 years.

During this time, the relics of St. Prince John-Vladimir began to flow. Countless miracles happened to the believers for being healed and cured of serious diseases.

Even today, the relics of St. Prince John-Vladimir are located in Albania in the town of Elbasan, in the monastery of the same name St. John-Vladimir.

Name day is celebrated Vladimir, Vladimira, Vlado, Vladko, Vladi, Vladina, Vladilen, Vladilena, Mira, Miro.

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