Ziraat Bank: Credit payments to be paid on 31 March will be delayed


Ziraat Bank announced that measures for the coronavirus outbreak have been taken. Accordingly, additional credit limits will be allocated to companies. Loan payments to be paid on 31 March will be delayed.

The statement made by the bank included the following statements;

“As Ziraat Bank, we would like to present the new support steps to the public’s attention and attention as part of the measures taken to minimize the potential damage to the economic life of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is experienced globally and also affects our country.

On this occasion, first of all, we wish God’s mercy to our citizens who died in the epidemic, and urgent healing to our treated citizens. We believe that the most needed thing to overcome this process is the strong unity with social awareness, and that our state and nation will overcome this experience as soon as possible.

We are confident that we will be one of the countries that have survived the current situation with the least amount of damage, with the measures that our Ministry of Treasury and Finance has begun to take rapidly, and as Ziraat Bank, together with all our economic institutions, we have also contributed.

To prevent our citizens from becoming unemployed and to keep our production infrastructure and labor market at the same time, should be the common goal of all stakeholders of the economy.

In line with this goal – Our Bank branches will continue to serve our customers between 09:00 – 17:00.

With this approach, Ziraat Bank is taking a new step in line with the “Economic Stability Shield” move; The following supports are put into use against the deterioration of our citizens and business world in cash flows during this period.

In this context:

1) Allowing said payments to be postponed upon the demands of companies and individual customers who cannot pay their installments, interest and principal, which should be paid on 31.03.2020,

2) Existing loans of our customers who have payment problems because their cash flow is disturbed;

Developing suitable term structuring practices by providing additional period of up to 12 months in sectors with periodic activities such as tourism, up to 6 months without payment period,

3) Provided that companies paying their salaries through our Bank do not reduce their current employment by the end of February 2020;

Providing additional limit as much as the salary expense for the next 3 months of staff,

4) To be used by our credit customers to pay their checks on the Bank; increasing the general credit limits and allocating an additional cash credit limit,

5) To meet the working capital needs; We have implemented the measures to increase the corporate card limits of our customers who have a corporate credit card and DBS limit.

It is announced to the public with respect. “


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