Zheinov: Levski cannot decide on a pay cut unilaterally


Football agent Nikolai Zheinov said that the reduction of the salaries of football players should only happen if they agree. As is known, such a procedure is started in Levski.

In Italy, they wrote that Cristiano Ronaldo was dissatisfied with the sole decision of the Juventus management to cut the players’ fees, and therefore asked to be sold to PSG in the summer.

“Unilaterally, from Levski’s side, no salary decision can come. There is no such practice in Europe! I have an idea of ​​how clubs operate in France, Spain, Portugal – there is no such practice there. The initiative should not come from clubs.

Recently I read what Pavel Kolev said about the measures in Western Europe. He had quoted the facts incorrectly. We have to be very careful about what we export to the public.

Many laws need to be revised at the moment. If a football player has already signed with a new club, and while in the old club gets injured, what happens? No hasty decisions should be made.

The clubs’ declaration of termination of clubs is a taste of bad taste. Do the other half of the elite agree? You will need to find a formula that meets every club’s desire. Why not turn the championship around – this will save winter preparation. In the winter clubs spend money. Extending the championship is not such a big loss right now.

I hope the proposal in Levski comes from the players, not the club. Let us not go back to the time of socialism, when the captain was determining everything. The amount to be saved is about 400 000 BGN … There is something, I do not understand … Each club has to decide for itself, but the initiative must come from the players. Otherwise, they will be litigated. FIFA may make the transfer from July to the end of December. It’s a rumor among managers, “Zheinov told Sportal.bg.

Official: Levski launches 50% pay cut

Official: Levski launches 50% pay cut

While there are no matches

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