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KARACHI: Cricketers are killing time by making video calls and Instagram live chats as the playing field is set to follow. The latest episode of this is Instagram Live between England star Kevin Pietersen and Pakistan star Ahmed Shehzad. Peterson was interviewing Shehzad. But Shehzad may have wished there was no more such an interview. In this interview, Peterson scoffs at Shehzad, joking.

Shehzad, the star of the Quetta Gladiators in the Pakistan Super League, could not shine. Shehzad has scored only 61 runs in seven matches. Peterson was asking Shehzad about this. When Peterson asked why you weren’t shining, Shehzad replied that it was like in formal interviews. ‘I tried my best. But he could not find the runs. I hope you understand this because you are a cricketer. It’s a situation that really has nothing to do with it. Shehzad said the only way to do so was to trust in one’s own ability.

But Peterson did not reply. Peterson replied that he was not a journalist, but a friend of yours, so you should not speak to him as you would to the media. Peterson repeated the question of why he did not score runs.

Shehzad replied to this. That was it. ‘ You don’t want a clear answer. But listen, I have been batting at number three. It affected my performance. It was the first time I batted in a tournament at number three. Yet I did not complain. I tried my best. But I couldn’t find the runs. ‘

Peterson scoffed at the Pakistani player’s response. Then you can’t bat at number one, you can’t bat at number two, you can’t hit number three, four or five. Then you better bat at number 13 for Quetta Gladiators’ number three team. Or bring water to others. ‘ This was Peterson’s reply.

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