Women and Champions League match “helped” spread COVID-19 in the country


Experts in Spain are asking about the decisive moments of the escalation of the coronavirus in the country. The spotlights are aimed at commemorating the International Women’s Day in Madrid, as well as Atlético Madrid’s visit to Liverpool on March 11 in the 1/8-Champions League rematch. After these two events, COVID-19 began to become widespread in Spain, with the number of deaths in the country growing steadily, already at 1825.

Over 3,000 Atlético fans traveled the distance to England to host Liverpool and then celebrated with the team. Between the first Wanda Metropolitano match on February 18 and the visit of Anfield on March 11, only two were infected in Spain, after which the number has increased to an impressive 2,152 cases.

Taking advantage of the still weak control in this part of Europe, supporters of the “mattress” crossed the Channel to support their pets. The tight spaces in the aircraft helped to spread the virus rapidly. After the victory, many in the guest sector were hugging and kissing, followed by a party on the streets of Liverpool, which left a mark on the locals as well. This also contributed to the proliferation of COVID-19 and Madrid after their return to Spanish soil.

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