Wijnaldum thanks Klopp: ‘After PSV and Newcastle United no longer in that role’


Since Georginio Wijnaldum has played for Liverpool, he has undergone a transformation. Midfielder thanks manager J├╝rgen Klopp for that.

“My development has gone well since I came to Liverpool,” Wijnaldum said in an interview with UEFA. “I am more all round become. I was used to playing a very offensive role and only meddling in the attack. ”
That changed after the 2014 World Cup. “Since the World Cup with Louis van Gaal, I had a more controlling role in midfield and that went well. After that, I did not play in PSV and Newcastle United anymore.”
“When I spoke to Klopp he saw me in a more defensive role, where I played more all round. It was not always easy because I was used to attacks, but it helped me in my development. I’m more of a complete player now than I was when I came. ”
Wijnaldum thanks Klopp for that. “The manager has had a big influence on me. He has brought the club back to where it belongs and his vision fits the club. The players love him because he cares about them and is a good trainer, someone who makes players better and is great to work with We also have a lot of personal conversations He has become a very important person to me He knows a lot of things about me that other trainers don’t know We have a very good player / trainer relationship but also a personal connection. ”

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