Why Pakistanis Moved Indians stranded at the airport say


I do not know how long it will last. The airport was also closed. When we saw Pakistanis being taken on a special flight, we were very worried about our condition. These are the words of Malayalees stranded at Dubai International Airport. There are 25 Indians, including five Malayalees, in the chairs and the floor of the airport. It’s been eight days since some arrived. With the closure of the airport yesterday, their condition is getting worse. There is no help from outsiders.

They were on their way home from Lisbon, Budapest, Barcelona and Sydney. With India terminating its flights, it will not be able to go back to India or return to exit countries due to the exit. With the closure of most of the countries and airports, most were literally stuck here. The twins are Jackson, Benson, who are natives of Karumkulam and Thiruvananthapuram. Jackson and Benson arrived at Thiruvananthapuram from Lisbon on the 18th.

Raju Nair was stranded in Dubai on his way to Moscow. Arun Kumar is on his way back to Kochi from Sydney. Others are on their way to other Indian cities, including Delhi. Indian authorities are not ready to open airports. The UAE authorities have not given permission for them to be released in Dubai. The consulate officials said that the reason for the delay was that the Emirates airlines did not take a favorable decision. The NORCA and the Indian Consulate intervened to understand their plight, but no progress was made.

Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muralidharan was also involved. Indian Consulate Food Coupon and $ 170. But the cost of the airport was so great that many people had to pay. Most have no clothes to replace. Now the airport’s restaurant is closed. The corona panic did not go away. Yesterday they were all subjected to coronary inspection. Consul General Vipul said that although further details were not forthcoming, there is hope for further action. Pakistanis stranded here were taken on a special flight last week.

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