When the corona spread, he worked for China – the United States against the World Health Organization


Washington: US President Donald Trump has blamed the World Health Organization for the spread of coronavirus. Trump accused the World Health Organization of compromising on behalf of China. Trump said many people were unhappy with the work of the WHO.

Trump also threatened that the United States would renegotiate its relationship with the World Health Organization if it was found to work for anyone.

US Congressman Greg Steubum also accused the World Health Organization of acting as a spokesman for China when the corona spread. He said that when the disease is under control, both parties will have to face the consequences.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio said the WHO was trying to protect China’s interests.

WHO Director Tedros Adanon has criticized Gebreys. He praised the methods adopted by China to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The allegation was that China had conspired with China not to disclose information about the disease in the Corona issue.

Gebreys met President Xi Jinping on a Chinese visit last January. It was only after this that he tweeted, praising China. The controversy surrounding this has now led to allegations that the World Health Organization’s credibility is being questioned.

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