What kind of trainer is Roger Schmidt? “He is someone who gives youth a chance”


It will be a while before Schmidt is before the group in Eindhoven. Interim trainer Ernest Faber finishes the season with final responsibility and will then return to the PSV Academy as head youth training. Only when it is known whether and when PSV plays European football will it become clear when Schmidt will lead his first training.

Huub Stevens tells in the video what kind of trainer Roger Schmidt is:

“Schmidt is a trainer who loves attacking and dominant football,” says Stevens about the new PSV trainer. “He is also a fairly calm man, who can also be emotional during a match from time to time. But that is part of the trainer’s profession. ”

PSV has invested a lot of money in youth in recent years. The people of Eindhoven are increasingly becoming a training club. And according to Stevens, Schmidt fits in well with that. “He gives the youth a chance and takes a good look at it. PSV will also have looked into that in the search for a new trainer. ”

I think it is good for PSV to have a foreign trainer.

It has been a while since PSV had a foreign trainer at the helm. The last was Eric Gerets, who was finally fired in 2002. Still, it is not surprising that the Eindhoven club is now partnering with a foreigner, says Stevens. “You sketch a profile and you don’t necessarily have to look at nationality. I think it is good for PSV and the premier league to have a foreign trainer. ”

However, the PSV players can get their chest wet for the coming preparation period for the new season. German trainers are known for their hard way of training. “But that is also necessary in today’s top football,” says Stevens. “You have to have a good foundation to be able to go full 90 minutes or more. So such a heavy preparation is not a problem at all. ”

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