VVCS players’ union: footballers deserve clarity Football


“Why should footballers differ from other people or other athletes,” Levchenko wonders. “Most competitions in other sports have already ended. I understand that the interests in football are great. But we have all heard the cabinet’s new measures. No meetings until June 1 and so. Then you will not be able to play football before 1 June. ”

Until further news from the KNVB or the Ministry of VWS, football has been suspended until April 6 for the time being. “But in two weeks we will of course not be able to play football in the premier division or first division,” says Levchenko. “Not even without an audience. Because a little duel involves 120 people. Footballers, trainers, people from television and so I can continue. And how can you play football if you have to take a distance of 1.5 meters? That’s impossible.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I also want our competitions to be finished,” continues Levchenko. “But that should be possible. In China, everything went silent for three months because of the corona virus. With the current measures of the cabinet, footballers cannot even train. Not even in small groups like in Germany now. Because what if they have a vulnerable grandfather or small child? Football is no more important than public health. ”

“With great luck, footballers will be able to train again from 1 June,” said Levchenko. “Then they need three weeks to get really fit. The season can still be completed if FIFA comes up with a plan that not all leagues should end on June 30. And if the season doesn’t finish, please don’t call out a premier league champion. Then distribute the European tickets based on the current score or the final classification of the previous season. ”

In a response, the KNVB says it will work with three scenarios for the time being. The competitions will be played before June 30 (until June without an audience). The competitions will be played after June 30 (depending on the results of the UEFA calendar working group). The last option is that the competitions are no longer played at all. “We are still busy with all parties in consultation,” answered a spokesperson when asked when new information for the footballers is coming.

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