Ventsi Stefanov: Only the Lord Can Save Levski, Slavia is Not a Chatter!


The boss of Slavia Ventseslav Stefanov was very happy with his team victory over Levski 2: 1 at Gerena. President praises Zlatomir Zagorcic’s players for success.

Zlatomir Zagorcic: We beat Levski by all parameters

Zlatomir Zagorcic: We beat Levski by all parameters

Zaggy was very pleased with the performance of his team

“Hats down! On your knees in front of the White Avalanche! Levskarians to pray! Only the Lord can save them – with this football they play and with this guide they have. These days many of the media you just wrote: “Levski, Levski, Levski, Levski, Levski”. They prepare, train, go out, say this, say that, collect money, sell cards. For Slavia – nothing! so the victory is even sweeter now! We would follow them by all rules!

And to ask something – did you see a foreigner in Slavia’s team? We only play with our boys. Sergiakis is our boy, he has been with us for five years. We are for the Bulgarian! We have shown that white is stronger than blue, “Ventsi Stefanov told Sportal.

Slavia won their away match with Levski 2: 1

Slavia outplayed Levski in the middle of “Gerena” and triumphed in the oldest capital derby

CSKA’s youngster left the Blue without a win since the start of the season

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