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US criticizes Russia, China and Iran for spreading false information about Washington Eye Covenant Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed these countries for “undermining” the US’s efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Fake information is spreading in other social media including Twitter. Some of it is spread by governments and others by individuals. People will trust the opinions of governments. This is to belittle the anti-Kovid activities of the United States. Unfortunately, Russia, China and Iran all work together against the United States, Pompeo said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Lijian Zhao has accused Kovid of causing some of the earliest influenza deaths in the US. “The US military has sent the virus to Wuhan,” Zhao said on Twitter. Pompey’s criticism is this. US President Donald Trump has also taken a stand against China in Corona. China thinks this is a US attempt to slander in the name of cowardice.

English Summary: US Blames China, Russia and Iran Spreading “Disinformation” on Coronavirus

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