Unusual images: a rare species of black leopard is sighted in South Africa



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A rare species of black leopard has been sighted in the South African province of Gauteng, of which only 35 sightings have been recorded in recent decades. The competent animal protection foundation has already activated a protocol to find the wild animal.

A video of just over half a minute showing a rare species of black leopard has caused a sensation on Facebook after it was shared by the animal protection foundation Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation on its own on that social network. In the video you can clearly see how the feline emerges on a rock to descend from it later.
This is a rare finding given that “less than 35 sightings of wild black leopards have been scientifically documented in South Africa in more than half a century, “the foundation explains.
That is why the specimens of this species, being so rare, are those animals about which legends are invented and whose existence is doubted.

The organization has kept the area under surveillance since the day the video was recorded, the authorship of which belongs to a person who was on his way to work when he sighted the animal. Now the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is in the search of the feline, of which for now the track has been lost.


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