Two golden retrievers escape their owners to roll in the mud – video


Sputnik France–video/

Sometimes dogs don’t pay any attention to the most basic of properties, and this is the case with these adorable animals. During their daily walk with their owners, they escaped and were found in a mud bath.

In a video published by their owners, two golden retrievers rolled briskly through the mud. Salis from head to toe, they seem so happy that it is difficult to get angry.

“My parents and I went out to walk our two golden retriever dogs before a huge family dinner and we lost them for a few minutes. When we finally found them, they were both lying in a huge puddle of mud and they didn’t want to get out. Bailey and Benjamin are a year old each and they are brothers of the same litter, “says the caption of the video.

However, it is better to tidy up the living room rugs before letting them enter the house!


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