‘Turkey, YPG will not bid to develop oil fields in the United States because of the support given to Syria’


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, Syria’s reconstruction for evaluating the proposals coupling oilfields development efforts in the country, Russian experts Fit for Turkey, YPG will go a similar proposal to the United States for the support given, he said.

Russian Strategic Research Institute of the Near and Middle East Center President Vladimir Fit, the Sputnik to the statement, the Syrian oilfields for collaborating in may provide some benefits, including providing additional infrastructure to cooperation between Russia and Turkey, but here the situation is simple, as is everything on Syria He said that there were a few important points to consider.

Fitin said, “The oil fields of Syria are mostly located in Kamish and Deyr ez-Zor. These regions are currently controlled by Americans. The USA is also patronizing YPG. If Turkey has reached an agreement with the Americans if US troops withdraw from the direction of Russia, of course, can not refuse to work with Turkey, “he said.

‘Turkey, Syria does not recognize the legitimacy of the government’

Turkey, on the other hand, pointing to recognize the legitimacy of the current Syrian government experts, in this case, stating that the question marks in the direction of how to run the country without resorting to the management of the resources found in the following assessment:

“Probably through Russia and Turkey that aims to exploit the issue with the bed and predicts revenue to reach solutions in this way. The plan can only be implemented in this way. In this case, the United States and Turkey YPG solve the problem, Russia also have to deal with the corrupt ones between Damascus and Ankara. ”

However, Erdogan Despite voiced possibility of Turkey to the United States jointly expressed the view that in the bid to develop oil fields Fit, “That I’m skeptical, because it protects the YPG would not tolerate in any way precisely to Turkey and the US. YPG controls this region and therefore oil production with the help of the USA. It will be very difficult to unite two notorious enemies within the scope of oil production in Syria. In addition, the USA does not have the necessary contacts with Damascus, the problem cannot be solved without these contacts. ”

Stating that there are not only economic interests but also political interests at this point, Fitin continued his words by saying that the Turkish administration would somehow handle this issue: “I think Erdogan is trying to strengthen his position in the east of Syria in order to weaken the YPG. largely dependent on the illegal operation of Syrian oil fields ”.

The views and thoughts expressed in the article may not reflect Sputnik’s views.


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