Turkey imposes a curfew on a specific class of its citizens


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Turkey imposed a partial curfew today, Saturday, on citizens over the age of 65 who are afflicted with chronic diseases that will enter into force at midnight, as part of measures to combat the spread of the Coruna virus.

The Interior Ministry said details of the ban would be announced later. According to what was reported by “Reuters” agency.

Turkey earlier suspended flights with 46 other countries and banned picnics and barbecues, with the number of cases of HIV infection almost daily increasing within a week.

The number of confirmed cases of the virus has increased to 670 as of Friday, since the first case was discovered last week.

Ankara suspended flights with 22 countries, closed schools, cafes, and bars, prevented group prayers, and postponed sports matches indefinitely. The new flight suspension includes countries including Canada and the northern part of Cyprus.

Today, Saturday, Turkey has expanded the ban to include picnics, barbecues, barbershops, hairdressing and beauty.


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