Trump’s daughter was placed under house quarantine


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Ivanka Trump, the daughter and adviser to the US president, became a home quarantine virus because of a possible coronary virus.

Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser to Donald Trump, met last week with Australian Secretary of State Peter Dutton, who has just been confirmed positive for her coronary test, Sputnik reported. For this reason, and for his precaution, he has been placed under house-quarantine conditions.

In this regard, White House press secretary Ivanka Trump’s office confirmed Friday that White House doctors have said Ivanka Trump has no need for a home quarantine.

Peter Dutton, who received medical confirmation from the Corona virus yesterday (Friday, March 13), was in Washington on Friday, March 6, attending a joint meeting with a number of Canadian, New Zealand, British and US security officials. . He also met with US Secretary of Justice William Barr and Ivanka Trump’s daughter and Donald Trump’s adviser on the trip.


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