Transfer of Survey Director: Letter to Chief Secretary of IAS Association, protesting


Thiruvananthapuram: .

The IAS Association has written to the chief secretary of the survey against the transfer of survey director Prem Kumar. The IAS Association demands that there should be no transfers without following the rules. The officer should not be transferred for more than two years. The association also demanded that the rules be followed in case of relocation.

Reports say that the cabinet decision to transfer survey director Prem Kumar may be canceled. Revenue secretary Dr V Venu has come out with a strong protest against Thirumanim, who had transferred Prem Kumar. He had also written to the chief secretary. The Revenue Minister’s Office intervened in the matter.

The Revenue Minister’s Office said the Chief Secretary had informed him that Prem Kumar was not aware of his return. Prem Kumar, who went on holiday on the 14th of last month, has returned to the 26th But it was last Cabinet meeting that decided to replace Prem Kumar. An order to transfer Prem Kumar has not yet been issued following the protests. The move is likely to be taken up at the next Cabinet meeting.

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