Touching President Duterte banned in Philippines due to coronavirus


In the Philippines, where 10 people have had coronavirus to date, it has been announced that it is forbidden to touch President Rodrigo Duterte because of the epidemic.

Philippines Presidential Security Group (PSG) Commander Colonel Jesus Durante announced to the local press that they had an extraordinary meeting yesterday.

Durante, 74-year-old Duterte and his family’s new type at the meeting From coronavirus (Kovid-19) Stating that they have decided to strictly apply preventive measures to protect them, he said that they will especially follow the policy of “not being touched” by the President.

‘The people who are expected to approach him will be tested.’

Durante stated that this policy will be valid for politicians and high-ranking people as well as PSG personnel, President of the meetings and events the Duterte He stressed that the people who are expected to approach him will be “thoroughly screened and tested”.

New types of coronavirus have been encountered in 10 people in the Philippines so far, one has died due to the virus.

Number of cases increased to 19 in Indonesia

It was reported that the number of new types of coronavirus detected in Indonesia increased from 6 to 19 in one day.

Ahmed Yurianto, Director of the Control and Prevention Center of the Ministry of Health, announced that 13 more cases of Kovid-19 were found in the test results.

Stating that 2 people were foreign nationals in the new cases, Yurianto did not provide information about their countries.


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