Tottenham takes measures and also appeals to Bergwijn and co.


Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy draws people’s attention to the severity of the corona crisis, because he says not everyone is aware of it. He also announced in a press release that every employee of the club must hand in twenty percent salary.

Levy points out that the corona crisis will continue for the time being and calls on people to wake up. “We have seen the biggest clubs like FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Juventus take measures to cut costs,” he said on the Tottenham club site.
“Yesterday (Monday, ed.), Having already decided to cut costs, we made the difficult decision to withhold 20% salary from Tottenham’s non-playing staff in April and May.”
“We hope the talks between the Premier League, PFA (Players’ Union, ed.) And LMA (League Managers Association, ed.) Will help players and trainers do their bit,” said Levy. “I have no doubt that we will get out of this crisis, but it will take time for everything to return to normal. I hope we will not take certain things in life for granted.”

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